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  1. Skip This Unless You Finally Want to Make $100 a Day
  2. The 3 Problems Everyone Has With Affiliate Marketing And How We Solved Them
  3. Are You Making These Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing?

Hey [Firstname],

Are you tired of all the "simple" $100 a day systems that promise you'll make money starting today but don't deliver?

Are you tired of losing money on affiliate marketing training that promises to show you step by step, but it isn't step by step at all?

Are you just plain tired of not getting results from your affiliate campaigns?

I understand your frustration. Believe me. With all the affiliate marketing courses out there, affiliate marketing has pretty much become a joke. It's become reserved for those who have the money to shell out for ads on Facebook and other sites that charge a fortune just to market.

The little guy who's just starting out hardly stands a chance. There is simply no way for someone who is new to affiliate marketing to compete. For those who have made money in affiliate marketing, they seldom learn how to scale their businesses so they make more money from the same efforts.

That's why I want you to meet Kevin Fahey. Kevin is my internet marketing mentor. He's a six figure affiliate marketer who is the real deal. He's actually coached his students to six figure incomes, and he teaches it in a way that is easy to learn. Even if you're an affiliate who's never made any money in affiliate marketing or who you're struggling to scale your affiliate business, Kevin can teach you how.

I know you've probably heard that before, but hear me out. Kevin has some free training available, and he shows you how to overcome the mistakes many affiliates face when they try to make money online.

===============>>> [LINK GOES HERE]

Now I'm sure you're thinking I want to sell you something. Not at all. In fact, I want to give you something that could be a real game changer if you're interested in making money online and reaching that magical $100 a day. Or, if you're a more advanced marketer, maybe you want to learn how to scale up.

Kevin just released a new video called "The ABC Marketing Method." In it, he explains the mistakes that affiliates make that keep them from making money from affiliate marketing. Then he shows you how to fix these mistakes by creating a simple funnel system that allows you to deliver more value to your potential customers and build a relationship so you make more sales.

Don't have a list? He shows you the top free techniques for helping you to build your list and then make sales.

Watch the free video here: [VIDEO GOES HERE]

Look, I know you've probably seen plenty of systems that over promised and undelivered. It's frustrating. This video will show you how to avoid the mistakes most affiliates make so you make money. You can thank me later.


PS. I'm not sure how long he plans to leave the video up so you want to watch it right away.

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  1. The Perfect Affiliate Promotion
  2. Did You Watch Yesterday's Video?
  3. Before You Do Anything Else, Check This Out


Did you check out that video I sent you? What did you think? Pretty simple system huh?


In case you didn't get a chance, don't worry about it. I have some new video training for you, and it expands on Kevin's system. If you haven't watched the first video, make sure you watch it first so you get the full benefit.

I'm sure you're curious about the next training and what it's all about. Before I tell you about it though, let me tell you a little bit more about Kevin Fahey, my mentor, because he's the one teaching the training.

Kevin is from Ireland. He moved from Ireland to Spain when he was 18, and he's been living there ever since. For years he struggled to learn how to make money online until he decided to learn how to do affiliate marketing. Once he discovered affiliate marketing, he not only mastered it, but he learned how to scale it up. Now he makes more money from his business while working less, and he's been earning money from affiliate marketing for about eight years now.

It wasn't easy for him. Luckily he figured it out. Most affiliates won't. Now he's willing to share what he's learned with you because he likes helping people.

The important lesson I want you to take away from what I'm telling you is that you can work and live anywhere in the world and still make a good income from affiliate marketing. The best part of affiliate marketing is that you don't need a product of your own, you don't have to perform customer service, and you can spend your time on activities that make you money.

Even better, you'll have the freedom to spend time on activities you enjoy like spending time with family, taking a vacation or enjoying your hobbies. There really is no limit to what you can do when you master this system.

The first video showed you a simple three step system to help you make money from affiliate marketing and reach that magical $100 a day. This video will show you how to set up your marketing campaigns. You'll discover how to market on the top social media channels like YouTube and Facebook for free. He will show you what content to send out and when to send it. You'll know day by day and step by step how to market so you make more sales without wasting any extra time on your marketing.

Finally, Kevin answers the most important question of all: "How do I make more money?"

So if you're ready to get started making money in affiliate marketing and do it without all the fluff, then here's the link to the video. You'll also find the link to the first video at the top of the page. Click here to get started.

============>>> [VIDEO LINK GOES HERE]

Don't waste anymore time on systems that don't work. This really is the easiest system for helping you reach your income goals whether it's $100 a day or a $1000 a day. Kevin really knows his stuff.

More videos to come.


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  1. Still Struggling to Make Affiliate Commissions? Here's a Solution
  2. Are You Struggling to Make the Magical $100 a Day? Here's the Solution
  3. Still Struggling to Make Money Online? Here's an Easy $100 a Day Solution That Works


Today I wanted to let you know that Kevin has decided to release his full system. In fact, he's updated it, and not only will you get IM Affiliate Funnel 1.0, you'll also get IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0

So what makes IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0 different from every other affiliate course on the market? Simple. It works. Anyone can do it, and Kevin delivers it for a price that just can't be beat.

Inside IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0 you'll find:

-6 modules of step-by-step training in 10 easy to follow videos

-Free traffic methods you can use to scale your business to $100, $300 and even more every day

-The Ultimate Affiliate Resource package containing Power Point Presentations for affiliate promotions as well as a 40 page must read affiliate marketing manual and the IM Affiliate Funnel 4K promotional email swipes

-The complete IM Affiliate Funnel 1.0 Training Course

But that's not all. Kevin will teach you how to earn money fast. You'll learn how to scale your business into a six figure income, and the best of all is that you'll learn how to automate 90 percent of your business so you hardly have to work at all.

You won't find a more complete step by step system on the internet that will teach you how to make money marketing affiliate programs. To get started now, click here:

==================>>> [LINK GOES HERE]

Make sure you get in now. The price rises every 12 hours. Get your copy and begin earning money from affiliate programs as soon as today. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this is not for you. If you're looking for a way to fire your boss and have a lifetime of financial freedom, then grab your copy now.

I look forward to seeing you in the members area.


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  1. Have You Signed Up Yet? Price Goes Up Every 12 Hours
  2. Take Your Affiliate Marketing to the Next Level With this 13 Minute Technique
  3. An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All Affiliate Marketing...Guaranteed!


The other day I told you about Kevin Fahey's IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0. What this product will show you how to do is earn $100 to $300 a day from marketing affiliate programs. You can use the techniques you learn to scale this into a six figure business.

If you haven't purchased your copy yet, I would highly recommend you do so because the price goes up every 12 hours. You can get your copy here:

================>>> [LINK GOES HERE]

The other day I shared with you some of the things included in the package. Today I want to share with you Kevin's 13 minute technique. This technique can help you get an affiliate marketing campaign up and running in 13 minutes. Imagine how easy it would be to scale your affiliate marketing into a six figure income if you could put up campaigns that fast?

That's not all though. He also teaches a 10 minute exercise that will help affiliates put thousands of dollars in their pockets. What could be better than that?

Even if you don't have the money to spend on ads, it really doesn't matter. Kevin teaches three free methods that will show you how to get hordes of traffic. You'll also learn how to build a buyer's list using an underground technique, and the best part is that you can do it for free. A small responsive buyer's list will generate far more income for you than a large unresponsive list.


If you're ready to get started earning money from affiliate marketing, then click the link below and get your copy today.

===============>>> [LINK GOES HERE]

If you're ready to start earning money from affiliate marketign, or you're looking to scale up your business for bigger profits, then grab your copy today.


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  1. Have You Picked Up Affiliate Marketing Funnel 2.0 Yet?
  2. The Untapped Gold Mine Of Affiliate Marketing That Virtually No One Knows About
  3. Free Up 2 Hours in a Day With This Affiliate Marketing Tip


If you haven't picked up your copy of IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0, then I'm guessing you still have questions. I can understand your reluctance because I'm sure you think you've seen it all before. If you're an advanced marketer, you have probably seen some of these techniques before. Effective affiliate marketing strategies tend to stick around.

Here are some of the most common questions you may have about IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0.

  1. What is affiliate marketing, and how can I make money from it?

This is usually a question I get from those who are new to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you choose a product that is currently being marketed online and split the profits with the seller. You sign up for an affiliate program to promote the product, and you receive a special link. When you make a sale, you get a share of the profits. This amount is set by the vendor. Digital products are the best products to sell because they bring in higher commissions, usually from 30 - 75 percent of the price.

  1. How do I choose a niche? What are the best niches to sell?

Kevin will teach you how to choose the right niche for you. As long as a topic online has products for sale, there is a market, you can sell just about anything. The best niches are the ones you are interested in that have products for sale.

  1. I live outside the United States. Can I still make money?

Yes. The system that Kevin teaches will show you how to make money no matter where you live. Kevin's techniques will work anywhere that you have access to a computer and internet. Kevin actually lives in Spain and built his business there.

  1. Where can I get products to sell?

There are lots of sites online that offer products for sale. The most common places to get digital products are Clickbank and JV Zoo. Kevin will show you how to find newly released products that are for sale and how to identify a great product to sell.

  1. I have a full time job right now. Can I still do this even if I don't have a lot of time?

Yes. Kevin will teach you how to automate 90 percent of the tasks involved in running your affiliate marketing business.

  1. Is this course just theory, or can you really make money?

This course is taught by Kevin Fahey, who earned $103,403.39 using these exact techniques.

Still have questions? Hit the reply button and shoot me an email.

If you haven't picked up your copy of IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0, then grab your copy now. This really is the easiest system to use to get started with affiliate marketing. You don't need a product of your own, you don't need to do any customer service, and best of all, you don't need a lot of time to get started. You can start earning money the same day you build your first campaign.

Grab your copy now. IM Affiliate Funnel won't be available for much longer, so if you want to learn how to make money from affiliate marketing, grab your copy now:

=================>>> [AFFILIATE LINK GOES HERE]

Don't waste another minute. The price goes up every 12 hours, and there's only a few days left. Don't miss out!



Swipe Series #2

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What is everywhere you look?


My  mentor Kevin Fahey has been honing his skills with affiliate marketing since 2007. I’ve learned that if there is anything “new under the sun” he is going to find it or discover it and now is no exception!

Have you realized that affiliate marketing is every where you look?

Some use terms like  . . . “in association with” or “sponsored by” and some go so far as to say “affiliated with” but at the end of the day, it’s all affiliate marketing.

Now, let me ask you a question. Do you really want to get proven results? Build relationships? Maximize your income stream? Establish credibility and Trust?

Then you need to know the ABC Marketing Method! I bet you will soon agree that you have not really learned your “A, B, Cs until you watch Kevin’s video.

Here is the link >>>>>XXXX

Yes – This is FREE training. But “cutting edge”, and really necessary for you to understand what’s coming.

Yep There’s more, much, much more but first learn your ABCs. And keep and eye out for tomorrow’s mail

– I’m going to hook you up with more mind-blowing training that will take you beyond where you thought the next level is!

Are you ready?

Don’t skip this video >>>>XXXXX

or you won’t be able to grasp what’s coming.

Until tomorrow.

Email #2 Prelaunch +


Ready? So start Now!


You don’t need permission.

Ignore what you lack and focus on what you have!

Yesterday I asked you, “Are you ready?”

Today after you learned your ABCs in Kevin’s remarkable video from yesterday

– I’m telling ya  . . . You are ready!

Ready to move ahead, Ready to APPLY the ABC marketing method.

Now, I’m not saying “don’t use paid traffic but . . .”

Do you know what you need to do on Monday? on Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday? on Friday? Saturday? or Sunday?

– No sweat, Kevin knows and he wants to show you in this video


But truthfully you won’t really appreciate all this free training if you haven’t watched the ABCs video first – just saying . . .

Today, Kevin wants to share with you the method he developed that he calls the Perfect Affiliate Promotion.

TAKE ACTION – watch this training NOW


Just one more thing, yep you guessed it . . . tomorrow something even bigger is coming. If yesterdays training and today’s training struck a cord in you then DO NOT MISS tomorrow’s mail!

Just saying . . .

See ya then.

Email #3: Launch Day +


Is this really the Perfect Affiliate Promotion?


This is it! The IM Affiliate Funnel Your opportunity The brass ring . . .

This will take you so much farther than what you thought was the “next level”.

So, let me ask you a question . .  .

Do you want to know what’s required for the “Perfect Promotion” to drive free traffic?

Find out here >>>> XXXXXX

In this training

– Kevin reveals his methods responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions over the last seven years.

They will work in any niche, for any marketer, even if you are completely new to the niche! Kevin has already shared with you how to get ahead but . . .

Don’t stop now get this training before it’s gone


Looking forward to your success

Email #4: Day 2 +


The prefect method for ANY niche!


I don’t know about you but I was taught to send people from my email list to a sales page.
Kevin’s killer IM Affiliate Funnel, called the Perfect Affiliate Promotion method, throws that old way right out the door.

Implementing Kevin’s methods have already helped me increase my sales by 20%.

That’s right!

I said SALES, not open rate.

How would it feel to bank 20% MORE on every affiliate product you promoted?

Right! –

I hear ya!

– just like me, you need this.

In this training Kevin breaks down his entire process.

You’ll learn new things.

You’ll improve your marketing skills.

You will have the ability to generate MORE income –

and you can pass these skills on to others (which can become your own product for back end sales).

This is truly your win/win situation.

It will allow you to scale your business way beyond what you thought was “another level”.

Here is the best place to start maximizing your income stream!

You may have missed the earlier mails with links to Kevin’s free trainings but don’t worry – he includes them as bonuses when you acquire the IM Affiliate Funnel Method.

Hurry though cuz the special launch price is only available for a couple more days so don’t take too long before you check it out

Here is that link to your increased sales

Talk to you soon

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Remember that product I’ve been telling you about all week?

Well it went live a couple days ago and people are jumping all over it!

I am going to give you the link so you won’t miss out
– but first let me ask a couple of questions.

Would you agree that some folks are so used to being passive that they just want to watch it all “live” from “anywhere”.

Are YOU willing to draw a line in your life?

Take Action.

If you stepped over that line with me then let me ask you this.

Let’s say a launch is on Wednesday, – do you know what to do on Monday and Tuesday to guarantee you make affiliate sales?

My mentor, successful marketer and coach Kevin Fahey is so good at teach you his best affiliate marketing methods I predict IM Affiliate Funnel will be one of the top selling product of all time on JvZoo.

If you’re going to take action on any product this month. Let it be this.
here is that link

Now I heard that tomorrow is the last day at this price and so just for you – action taker –
Just for jumping on this income maker today –

I am offering you these bonuses that will help you implementing Kevin’s training.
Bonus 1 ­
Bonus 2 ­
Bonus 3 ­
Bonus 4 ­

Don’t miss the boat on this one.

Talk soon

Email #6: Launch Closing Day +




Nothing beats waking up on Monday morning with a bunch of payment notifications!
Do you know that feeling?


Don’t you know that he more time and effort you put into a promotion, the better your results will be.

My friend Kevin Fahey gives you all the information you need to make your plan of action and start having those Monday morning YAHOOOOO moments when you see 50 sales come in.


Kevin’s model is the most scalable most profitable and,the most rewarding promotion method I know of.

By following Kevin’s proven process and taking action, anyone from anywhere in the world can achieve success.

You are reading this because you are an action taking . . .
and you want success!

By following Kevin’s method and the steps he lays out,

It simply comes down to taking action.

His launch ends today and if you sit there and do nothing, then nothing will change.

But really everything in life is there for the taking so  .  .  .


Wishing you a lot of success
By the way –

For one more day

I am offering you these bonuses that will help you implementing Kevin’s training.
Bonus 1 ­
Bonus 2 ­
Bonus 3 ­
Bonus 4 ­